Does your story go on a shelf?

     Hello! I’ve been hard at work and have had to pull back a bit, but I’m on the way to catching up. Today’s topic: shelving. No, not what kind of material makes the best shelves. How long do you shelve a project for between significant edits, or do you?

     I ran a poll recently about this very topic to get a bit of a feeling of the opinions of others. It received a lot more attention than I had anticipated, which is a great thing! I presented everyone with four options.

-option 1: I don’t do that 19.9% -option 2: 1-2 weeks at 29.2% -option 3: 2-4 weeks 23.6  -option 4: a month or more 27.3

     It received one-hundred sixty-one(161) votes. As the percentages show 1-2 weeks was the winner, but it did not hold an overwhelming victory. Except for the first option having a small drag, it was a pretty close run.

      The reasoning behind everyone’s individual’s vote was the most interesting. Everyone’s different thought process is so different. Let me take a moment right now to say that I don’t think any of these ways are wrong or incorrect. Everyone has their own methods and process. That’s the key.

      The ones who don’t set their drafts aside at all had various reasons. Some felt like they needed to keep the juices flowing while they had it. Others knew they were sending it off to someone else to have it edited, which defeats the purpose of shelving it for your own sake.

      The other three options all had their own points to explain to the various time lengths. Returning with a fresh mindest was the leader in explanation. Some simply hate revising. Some would work on other WIPs while that last one settles.

     There was even one that doesn’t let their work sit or edit right after finishing. She edited chapter by chapter. Then when she was one-hundred percent finished there would be a final read-through. I thought that was a very unique way to approach a problem and most definitely had some pros to itself.

       Ultimately, what you do for your process should be what you feel most comfortable with. I only hope this short little article provokes you to read into the methods of others. You might see something you agree with. Alternatively, you could see something you do not agree with and know to avoid for yourself.


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