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Struggles on the Written Road

Let me start with some comfort, every writer/author/storyteller has had problems arise. That thought always helped me when I was first starting. That’s not to say everyone has the same problems, but like-minded people understand where you’re coming from.

Without further delay, let me introduce you to my little gang of problems. The ring leader for me was a pretty common one. Impostor Syndrome. This caused, and still causes at times, me to just lay my head on the desk and quit. Thankfully I was able to get back up. I did so through sheer stubbornness most of the time.

There’s also the blessing of good beta readers to pull you through. These people can be blessings in disguise if you find the right ones. They can tell you what is wrong with your story from a reader’s point of view while not tearing you down over it. They offer criticism, sure, that’s what you asked them to do, but a good beta reader will also do it in a way that is helpful not harmful.

Next up would respectively be: Time. No, not some obscure concept of branching timelines, or trying to figure out time travel theory for your story, just normal old time and the lack of it. Just as many other writers started out, I couldn’t justify my writing to my finances. Sure, my bills were paid but savings were still nonexistent.

My terrible solution? I stopped for almost two years. My wife and I busted our butts and finally reached a point that we could breathe. She was stable in her career while I worked my way into a new one. Now it was my turn. I wish I could say I pushed through and pulled out of it by writing more, but I didn’t. We both worked, a lot, to get her set up. Then we finally got to swap focus again and get me to a point that I self-published my first book.

It’s not the daydream solution we wanted, but we did what we had and made it work. A lot of reaching the next goal is just that. Look at your situation and ask yourself what your options are. Writing is a long-term, probably life-long, endeavor. Don’t rush to give up. Instead, work, fight, and set yourself up to reach your goals. My only big regret from solution was that I wasn’t smart enough to spend my lunch breaks writing while I wolfed down a sandwich, that would’ve been a little writing.