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The Rose Chronicles Sink or Swim(Book 1)

She saved him, now Kendra guides young Vince towards a life of piracy. He’s more than willing to obey as the hope of repaying the woman responsible for his life, and the prospect of revenge, linger just out of reach. Headstrong, Vince is determined to push forward and succeed. Follow along while he grows, learns, and gathers his crew to take on the World Council. The first in the series. If you’re interested in ordering you can find both digital and physical copies here.


Jasper is an independent detective, reluctant to teach his daughter, Telia, the trade. She is determined to live her life just as her father has, traveling the mega-metropolises and helping put cases to rest. Is her first case going to prove too much and undo that dream? A stolen body, advanced technology, and a rough case of on-the-job training will test Telia’s career choices and her patience. Everyone has a first-day story; here’s Telia’s. Find the digital and phyiscal copies here.

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