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Marketing Your Book

Hello! Here’s a painful question for a lot of authors/writers: how do you market your book? Here’s a better question, do you know how to market your book? These are common questions for self-published and indie-published authors. If your answer to both of those was a resounding “Yes!” then your probably in the wrong place.Continue reading “Marketing Your Book”

Are You an Author/Writer/Artist?

If you’ve created anything to a prolific extent, rather as a personal hobby or as a career, then odds are good that you now have a title attached to you. Now, that title is no different than any other job title in the world, in theory. In practice it is so much more, sometimes becauseContinue reading “Are You an Author/Writer/Artist?”

Life Became Too Busy

Wow, it has been…a long time since I’ve posted anything; literally months. What have I been doing for all these months? Well, I could say I’ve been focusing on writing, but that would be a lie. In the words of Suzanne Collins’s character President Snow from “THE HUNGER GAMES” “we had an agreement not toContinue reading “Life Became Too Busy”

Writing: Plant Your Garden

Why did you shred up paper and throw it in a planter, you ask. It’s symbolic, or it’s supposed to be, at least, of growing(read: planting) your idea. Just like starting a garden, writing requires work before, during, and after. 1st) Be Prepared! You have to prepare before you write, yes, even if you areContinue reading “Writing: Plant Your Garden”

Is it really burn out?

    Can’t focus on something you love to do, such as writing? Convinced that you have reached your limit and just burned out on it? What if I told you that is not the most probable case?       I had to fight my way through this very realization during the last couple of weeks. I wasContinue reading “Is it really burn out?”